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How to get the most out of your AlfaPilot battery?

Posted by Martin Havel on

To make sure that you get the most out of your AlfaPilot battery while flying please consider the following tips.

Turn off Wifi. If wifi is necessary for livetrack or other functions, please use an extra-power bank for extend the autonomy. If wifi is enabled the autonomy can be reduced by 5 hours.

Turn off the backlight. At the sunlight, the backlight is not necessary. The backlight can reduce battery life by 1 or 2 hours.

Do not use other applications while flying. Use only the flight application while flying. If the other applications are running during the flight this can further reduce the autonomy based on the utilisation of the CPU (Computer Processing Unit).

Turn ON the AlfaPilot 15 minutes before takeoff. If you expect that you will wait for more than an hour to fly, turning off the instrument will further extend the battery life. You can turn the instrument on when you are ready to launch. The standby mode would use some of the battery.

When is the instrument fully charged? There is a green LED light on the right-hand side next to the power button. This green light is on when the device is charging. The green LED light is turned off when the instrument is fully charged, this occurs approximately 30 min after the battery level shows 100% on screen.

How to charge the AlfaPilot?

  • The battery is fully charged when the green light (charge indicator) is off.
  • Disconnect the USB charging cable.
  • Turn the instrument OFF. 
  • You have to see a small pop up window confirming that you want to turn the instrument OFF.
  • It will say POWER OFF on the screen once the instrument was turned OFF.
  • Before you turn the instrument on next day the screen must say POWER OFF
  • When you turn the instrument on next day, the battery has to be at 100% for at least the first 5 minutes.

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