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Para2000 Old Links

Posted by Martin Havel on

As a while ago it was public knowledge that this source of information about paragliding models of all manufacturers would close, there are still some links where we can access Para2000 and what is left of this good page, and so I say it because since Finished his activity stopped updating the data it contained. Currently the Database of Modern Paragliders is GliderBase (I'll leave the link below to access it, keep in mind that you won't find old models here as if in Para2000, at least for the moment).

Remember that the particularity of Para2000 is that it contained well detailed technical information as well as its glide points, which although it did well for the user would not do so well for the manufacturer that it could be affected compared to a paraglider of same approval and / or characteristic of another manufacturer but I don't think that's why Para2000 ends its activity.

Finally, just add and for those who want to access Para2000 to relive nostalgia here the links:

- For

- GliderBase

Shout out to everyone.


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