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AlfaPilot Getting Started

Posted by Martin Havel on

  • AlfaPilot uses Android as an underlying operating system. We recommend using the AlfaPilot as a flying instrument without installing other android apps or setting up an email. 
  • AlfaPilot comes with build in flying app SeRiFLY, one of the best tactical software for xc or competition flying. 
  • How to get the most out of your AlfaPilot battery?
  • AlfaPilot User manual
  • AlfaPilot Downloads
  • Download Australian Airspace file
  • When is the instrument fully charged? There is a green LED light on the right-hand side next to the power button. This green light is on when the device is charging. The green LED light is turned off when the instrument is fully charged, this occurs approximately 30 min after the battery level shows 100% on screen.
The most common issue is not fully charging the instrument and the second most common one is not turning the instrument off after charging. Plugging in the USB cable turns the instrument on. You have to turn the instrument off when you disconnect it from the charger.
Do not install any apps while you are testing the Instrument. Don't set up email or run any other apps apart from he build in the flying application SeRiFLY. Some apps run in the background and some are resource hungry and take processing power from the flying app. 
Make sure that WiFi is always turned off and that backlight is always turned off.

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